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Corvus Double Hung

Product Features and Benefits

  • Fully welded frame and sash corners assures strength, durability and years of trouble-free service in the home.
  • Designer cam locks provide security with style.
  • 3/4" insulated glass is standard with many glazing options available.
  • Positive interlock at meeting rail for added security and structural integrity.
  • Heavy duty weatherstripping on frame and sash for protection against air and water infiltration.
  • Time tested maintenance free constant force coil balances designed for years of smooth, easy sash operation and never needs adjustment.
  • Solid vinyl warranted against rotting, rusting, cracking, warping, pitting, corroding, peeling, blistering and color failure.
  • Molded-In sash lift rail for easy operation.
  • Standard colors include white and tan.
  • Tilt-In lower sash for easy cleaning.
  • 3" overall jamb width.

Cutaway View and Product Options

Contractor's Select 2000 Cutaway View


Emax and Emax Plus high performance glass are options with Corvus windows.

Warm Edge Technology

Warm Edge Technology is a revolutionary patented system that helps increase the overall thermal efficiency of sealed insulating glass units. At the heart of the system is the special non-conductive spacer that includes desiccant to absorb moisture, a specially formulated sealant that provides a vapor barrier to the outside while it encloses a corrugated aluminum spacer. Unlike conventional spacer systems that use highly conductive aluminum or steel as their primary component, ViWinTech’s warm edge spacer substantially reduces energy flow around the perimeter of the glass, thereby helping to reduce your energy bills.

Emax Plus High Performance Glass

For maximum energy efficiency, savings and comfort, ViWinTech offers optional Emax Glass. Emax utilizes a specially formulated invisible coating that is bonded to the interior surface of the insulating glass unit. This coating actually blocks long wave (heat) radiation by reflecting it back to its source.

What does this mean to you? Energy savings. In the summer, the sun is high in the sky. Visible light from the sun strikes the earth and is converted to long wave heat radiation. Your home can actually absorb this heat radiation, even though the sun is not shining directly through the windows. Emax glass reflects this unwanted heat back outside, helping to reduce the load on your air conditioner, and also reduce your energy costs. Conversely, in the winter, the sun is low in the sky. Visible sunlight passes easily through the Emax glass and is converted to long wave heat radiation inside your home. As these heat waves move toward the outside, they strike the Emax glass, and are reflected back inside your home, keeping your home warmer, reducing your heating costs.

The Emax coating blocks not only long wave radiation, but also effectively blocks ultraviolet radiation that can damage fabrics and carpets. Emax High Performance Glass does all this, while still letting in plenty of natural unobscured daylight.




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